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Welding machines and tools

As part of the the GFPS system, the butt-fusion and electrofusion machines offer a complete range of products for welding plastic fittings and pipes in pre-fabrication, installation, regular maintenance and repair activities. The machines range covers all dimensions from d16 up to d1200mm of different materials, including PE, PP, PB, PVDF. Depending on the fusion technology and the application, the machines can be purely manual, semi-automated (CNC) or fully automated, to fulfill the operator needs in terms of simplicity, process control and reliability of the jointing.

Fields of Application

  • Distribution lines in gas and water
  • Industrial and plant construction sites
  • Building technology
  • Intake and outfall pipes in water supply and water treatment


  • Flexible and complete line of products
  • Welding process workflow according to national and international standards (ISO 21307 - low pressure, DVS 2207 and much more)
  • User friendliness, ergonomics, flexibility, reliable process management, operator safety


  • Workshop machines with turnable clamps for pre-fabrication of segmented (bends, T, X, Y) fittings: WM 316, WM630, WM 1200
  • Trench hydraulic machines for pipelines construction: TM 160-315, GF 400-1200, KL 500-630 , RU 160-315
  • Automated machines: TM 160-315 CNC, GF 400-630 CNC
  • Electro-fusion machines, monovalent (for ELGEF system) and polivalent (general purpose) units: MSA 230, MSA 330, MSA 340
  • Industrial and building technology machines: SG 125-315, IM 250, PSO701, Weld160-250, MC110




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